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Thank You Gift Box

Regular size boxes are filled with mini bags and Large size boxes are filled with junior bags. Fill your gift box with one of these flavor combinations: Classic- Butter, Caramel, & Cheese Classic & Sweet- Caramel, Cheese, &...

Extra Buttery Caramel

One of our Best Sellers! We took our classic Caramel and turned it up a notch by adding MORE BUTTER! This creates a smoother and creamier popcorn, allowing the caramel to melt in your mouth!  Try it with our classic Cheese or Extra Cheese to...

Sour Watermelon

Our Sour Watermelon popcorn tastes just like the real thing, minus the seeds but PLUS the sour flavoring! This bright red and pink color combination will go great with any red or pink themed event! 

Sour Orange

This sour and tangy treat will make your mouth water with every bite!  This bright orange color will go great with any orange themed event! 

Sour Lemonade

Our Sour Lemonade is so delicious and jam-packed with flavor!  It has a crisp and refreshing finish to it.  The bright yellow color will go great with any yellow themed event! 

Sour Green Apple

Our Sour Green Apple popcorn will leave your lips puckered from its sour filled flavor! This bright green color will go great with any green themed event! 

Sour Grape

Our Sour Grape is sweet and delicious, just like our original Grape, except with a sour twist! This juicy popcorn has a bright purple color and will go great with any purple themed event! 

Sour Cornfetti (Color Mix)

Can't decide on just one fruity flavor? No worries! Our Sour Cornfetti Mix is a combination of all our fruity flavored popcorn, except this time, with a SOUR packed punch! Find flavors like, Sour Cherry, Sour Orange, Sour Blueberry, Sour Grape and...

Sour Cherry

Our Sour Cherry popcorn is our original Cherry with a twist! You've been warned, it is ADDICTING! This fruity flavored popcorn has a bright red color and will fit in perfectly at your next themed event! 

Dark Chocolate Pecan

This is our Dark Chocolate popcorn with a nutty twist.  We coat our buttery Caramel popcorn with Ghirardelli dark chocolate and mix in Texas pecans. Yum!