Featured Products

Extra Buttery Caramel

One of our Best Sellers! We took our classic Caramel and turned it up a notch by adding MORE BUTTER! This creates a smoother and creamier popcorn, allowing the caramel to melt in your...

Cinnamon Toast Kettle

One of our Best Sellers! We took our delicious Kettle popcorn and added a twist to it.  We lightly sprinkled the Kettle popcorn with Cinnamon to create this sinfully sweet treat.  If you...


One of our Best Sellers! We take our White Chocolate popcorn and mix in chunks of Oreo cookie and bits of cream.  This popcorn is STUFFED with deliciousness!  

White Chocolate Pretzel

This popcorn is quickly becoming a crowd favorite! We take our delicious White Chocolate popcorn, made with Ghirardelli White Chocolate, and mix in crunchy pretzels.  Our White Chocolate...

Red Velvet Cake

Our Red Velvet Cake popcorn tastes just like the real thing! We take our candied popcorn, add red velvet chocolate flavor, and drizzle it with Ghirardelli White Chocolate.  It tastes just as...


One of our Best Sellers!  We take our creamy Sea Salt Caramel popcorn and drizzle Ghirardelli Milk and White Chocolate over it.  This is a fan favorite for so many reasons!  One...

Toffee Almond

You're in for a sweet surprise with our Toffee Almond popcorn. Our buttery, caramel popcorn mixed with glazed almonds. Yum! 

Cornfetti (Color Mix)

Can't decide on just one fruity flavor? No worries! Our Cornfetti Mix is a combination of all our fruity flavored popcorn.  Find flavors like, Strawberry, Orange, Blueberry, Green Apple,...

Chicago (Cheese & Caramel Mix)

Eat your popcorn like a true Chicago native!  This popular Chicago mixture is so delicious. We mix our classic Caramel popcorn with our classic Cheese popcorn to create the perfect sweet and...

Jalapeno Cheddar

One of our Best Sellers! Made with our classic Cheese popcorn and jalapeno seasoning. Ignite your taste buds with a little heat and spice with every bite!

Spicy Buffalo

One of our Best Sellers! If you're looking for something spicy, then our Spicy Buffalo is the perfect choice! This spicy delight is made with real cheese, buffalo seasoning, ranch, and habenero...

Dill Pickle

One of our Best Sellers! This crowd favorite is our White Cheddar popcorn, tossed in dill seasoning. Even if you don’t like pickles, you’ll be surprised with how yummy this popcorn tastes!